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LIFTED UP IN NEW YORK CITY is an insider’s story, my personal exploration of how the God I love is working in the city I love.

Seven years ago I saw something that awed me. Right here in my home, in gritty, cynical New York City, I saw Christians worshipping God with peace and joy. Yet, as beautiful as this sight was, my first impulse was to run away. After all, I am a New Yorker. And the way I saw it, Christianity and New York City—the two didn’t mix.

But one thought kept me from running: What if? What if what I had seen were real? The possibility was too magnificent to ignore. So I took a small step of faith. And God opened the door to a love and a hope I never knew possible. This New Yorker had found a new life in Jesus Christ and was not going to run.

But I also was not going to run from New York City. Seeking to find what it meant to be both a Christian and a New Yorker, I set off on a journey that took me to five boroughs and a few suburbs. I found people of every color, culture, language and class, loving and worshipping Jesus in their own unique and beautiful ways.

Lifted Up in New York City is dedicated to these new friends who welcomed me like a sister.

And, yes, this really is New York City.

Lanie McNulty, 2009